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Simon Fayter V

Simon Fayter and the King Alone

Via Pikko's House

“Men should never be given the power of gods. Not before they are ready.”

In this, the fifth and final installment of the beloved “laugh-out-loud, cry-out-loud, family-friendly” fantasy series, Simon Fayter is inches away from becoming an all-powerful megadude and saving the world. Yet it seems like miles. Deep inside the mindhold of his enemy, he is imprisoned. He has lost the turncoat. He is unable to touch what little magical power he once called his own. Meanwhile, his friends tear apart the world in search of him. Drake wields his newfound strength to the dismay of the monsters that meet him on the battlefield. Tessa discovers that while the world depends on Simon, Simon depends on her, and she is forced to contends with her own mysterious magic, which seems to have become horribly entangled with an even more mysterious and powerful force—love. If they falter, they will lose the world. If they triumph, they can make a new one…

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