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The Gates of Artemis II

The Curse of Hecate

Via Pikko's House

Lucy Cole is a Daughter of Artemis, a guardian of all animals and the world of Iphigenesis. With the help of the legendary Titans, she’s trained for the last few months now that she has come into her powers. She’s stronger than she’s ever been. She’s about to be adopted by Elodie. Everything’s perfect. Almost. In sleep, Lucy finds herself falling into a different world, without using a gate. The world is full of ruins and creatures she’s never seen or heard of before. She doesn’t understand what’s happening or how. But she knows she needs to figure out why she keeps slipping into this ancient world before she can no longer slip back out. The second book of the Gates of Artemis Series takes up where the first left off. And plunges Lucy, Gideon, and Riya into a whole new world of adventure. Pick up your copy today!

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