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The Downsizing of Hudson Foster

by Harlin Hailey

Via Pikko's House

It’s a Wonderful Life meets the colloquial charm of The Catcher in the Rye.

A Writer’s Digest Book Award winner.

If it wasn’t for bad luck, Hudson Foster would have no luck at all. At twenty-nine years young, the world was his oyster, until the fickle finger of fate took it all away.

Fired from his cushy banking job, he’s forced to search for work during the Christmas holidays by a demanding father, affectionately known as “Mr. Perfect.”

In Harlin Hailey’s compact, muscular novel, we ride shotgun on Hudson’s sometimes poignant, often irreverently humorous job hunt as he “flips the bird” at the dark underbelly of corporate greed, sleazy telemarketing sales peple, and the not-so-glamorous sets of Hollywood.

In this turn-of-the-century romp through the ups and downs of unemployment, Hudson proves that he is capable of far more than he ever imagined and worth more than he or a winner-takes-all society ever game him credit for. The Downsizing of Hudson Foster follows his everyman journey as he takes the long route home to rediscover life and love, and miraculously survives to tell the tale.

An unforgettable story for New Adult to Adult readers. Contains occasional strong language that is essential to the plot. Make it your next holiday read!

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