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Lerner 4 Book I

The Fall

Via Pikko's House

Earth 2037 – A deadly illness is sweeping through the children of Earth as scientists rush to find a cure. Can a retired astronaut find the answers that humanity so desperately needs on Lerner 4d – a planet tucked away in the Southern Pinwheel Galaxy?

During a time of crisis, as a devastating illness of unknown origin ravages young victims around the world, fast radio bursts (FRB’s) are detected from multiple exoplanets in a seemingly uninhabited solar system. Could these FRB’s be of extraterrestrial origin and what is their significance?

Determined to discover an answer, Jessica Koland recruits retired astronaut Don Wolf when her employer, Cadence Science, refuses to allow her team to investigate this strange phenomenon. While Don returns the ship the Pitch into commission, and makes his solo journey to Lerner 4, life on Earth continues to unravel as scientists rush to save the children, with no cure in sight.

As Don’s interstellar mission progresses, on this alien world, he soon discovers that the fate of humanity may be tied to the Lerner 4 planetary system in ways that humanity could never have imagined.

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