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Leah King II

The Girl in the Wilderness

Via Pikko's House

Now that she’s alone, Leah has nothing left to lose…

Leah feels almost nothing now that her father is dead. When she sees the Transport Authority destroy another village, she remains cold as she flees back into the wilderness. Her only thoughts are survival and revenge, but the latter takes hold as she learns a secret about her father’s killer that changes everything…

To avoid capture, Leah must work with TRACE, Transport’s sworn terrorist enemy. While she’s resistant to picking a side, she finds a kindred spirit in a battle-weary operative. As the attacks grow more and more frequent, Leah will need to make a choice: fight for a worthy cause or lose herself in a mindless quest for revenge…

The Girl in the Wilderness is the second book in the Leah King series, a set of dystopian sci-fi thrillers set in Michael Bunker’s Pennsylvania world. If you like flawed, fully-rounded characters, captivating stories, and a touch of cyberpunk, then you’ll love Philip Harris’ worthy addition to Bunker’s universe.

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