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Lakes Cipher I

The Lollipop Girl

by Syd Hart

Via Pikko's House

Inside every person lurks a shade of evil. What brings it to the surface? What makes it grow?

Clifton Perkins is a small-town pharmacist with a simple life, until one day, his newborn son is found dead with a lollipop stuck in his throat. Weeks later, his wife dies under mysterious circumstances and his feisty daughter disappears from a campsite. Who is behind all this and why? Despite extensive searches, the case goes cold and he is finally left to his own devices.

Years later, he is a recluse, relying on his trusted psychologist Claire, trying to make sense of a dreadful past using alcohol and medication to keep the voices away. But strange things start disrupting his life once again.

His dog is poisoned. Unseen photos of his daughter are found with a pastor suffering from dementia in an aged care home. The pastor’s daughter is behaving strangely flirtatious.
What does she want?

And one frosty morning, he gets a phone call.
Someone knows what really happened all those years ago and why it matters even today.

As Clifton is dragged into something deeper and darker than imagination, the past comes back to haunt him. Dogged by his own demons, he must unravel the puzzling events. But how much can a man take when the path to redemption is littered with insanity?

The Lollipop Girl is a gripping psychological thriller, and BOOK ONE of the Lakes Cipher series. If you like stunning twists, flawed heroes and edge-of-the-seat suspense, then you’ll love this unforgettable page-turner by Syd Hart.

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