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Winter Nova II

Winter Nova And The Look Back Device: Part 1

Via Pikko's House

Someone is harming Earth’s brightest young scientists……and when Winter Nova’s favorite teacher becomes the next victim, she vows to put a stop to it. With the help of her best friend, Jing-Jing Lee, and fellow classmates, Aiden Roshan and Lenny Ackerman, Winter and her team of sleuths stumble upon the darkest of journals. A twisted tome that documents the sudden loss of sanity of brilliant students from all over the world. In her quest to uncover the malignant cause stealing away their memories, Winter must confront dark creatures of smoke and shadow who want nothing more than to add her and her friend’s names to the pages of that journal. Thrust into the path of malevolent forces seeking their demise, Winter and Jing-Jing happen upon a large, golden-brass machine sitting idle in their middle school lab. A device that promises to let them experience their best days over and over again. Could this invention by the school’s new physics instructor be the cure to help those students win back their memories? It isn’t long before Winter realizes they are not alone in their desire to know more about the aptly named, Look Back Device. And if it is indeed the cure they are searching to find, there are prying eyes prowling about, willing to harm student, teacher, and Ethereal alike to get their hands on it. Soon, Winter and her friends find themselves in a mad race to keep their professor’s invention safe from the diabolical hands that pursue them. But, does the Look Back Device they are trying to protect possess dark secrets of its own?

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