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Winter Nova III

Winter Nova And The Look Back Device: Part 2

Via Pikko's House

Will Winter and her friends be swallowed up in an endless abyss? Things are more perilous than ever. The Shadow Sect has turned against the Ethereal Council and they have Winter directly in their crosshairs. If she and her friends are lucky enough to escape the green lights of the Trepidation, they will still have to face the giant black hole sitting in Superior National Forest. A force that threatens to destroy the world! And just when things couldn’t become any more dire, Winter’s worst fear is being realized; her best friend may be the next victim of a plague that is stealing the sanity of Earth’s brightest young scientists. Could the Look Back Device be the solution Winter needs to cure everyone? And if revolting Ethereals, hungry black abysses, and friends in danger weren’t enough, Winter has to figure out why an ailing young patient is drawing images of the vilest creature in the Multiverse, the Sovereign himself. Are these drawings the warning she has always feared? Has the Sovereign finally found Earth? Winter must get to the bottom of what is happening to keep her friends safe. But even if she does, will it be in time to save everyone from the Sovereign and his army of Robotix?

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