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Winter Nova I

Winter Nova Saves The World

Via Pikko's House

Will her perfect hiding place turn into the perfect trap?

Winter Nova is on the run and Earth is the perfect place to hide…until an aquatic alien race starts to terrorize the waters of the Puget Sound. Now Winter’s fate lies with Griffin: straight-A student, middle-school basketball star and, according to his classmates, a certifiable loon—hey, that’s what happens when you claim to be attacked by a group of homicidal mermaids.

Lucky for Griffin, fighting extraterrestrials is old hat for Winter. But the more she pulls back the curtain on the alien plot to take over the world, the more she exposes herself to the malevolent force who has already destroyed her planet and now threatens to obliterate the Earth!

If Winter and Griffin are going to survive, they’ll have to trust one another with their lives; but have the secrets they’ve been harboring already doomed them from the start?

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