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Carla is 37, a chemical/materials engineer, aspiring writer, all-around geek, and consummate fangirl. She’s from Panama City, Panama — which is so far from anywhere exciting that it might as well be Freaking Narnia. If you’re looking for Carla’s vlog, click here.
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  • When the Credits Roll: Navigating the Sadness of a Favorite TV Show Ending
    on April 8, 2024

    (Young Royals © Netflix.)As the credits rolled on the final episode of Young Royals, a deep sense of melancholy settled over me like a heavy blanket. It isn’t just the end of a show; it’s bidding farewell to characters who have become an integral part of my life for over three years now. Saying goodbye to a beloved TV series is like parting ways with a piece of oneself, and the ache of separation can linger long after the screen fades […]

  • The Anxiety of Writing Out of Time
    on March 26, 2024

    (Visual representation of my brain right now.)While I’m in the query trenches with my first manuscript (wish me luck!), I’ve started writing my second novel. It’s very similar to the first one in theme — queer romance, minus the speculative elements — but very different in structure. It’s based on a fanfic I wrote a couple of years ago that I really loved, so I decided to modify it and expand it into a full novel. Most of […]



"Carla was such a pleasure to work with! In addition to making great catches and thoughtful recommendations, she took the time to explain her suggestions by email and responded promptly to follow-up questions I sent. She went above and beyond what I was expecting from a final proofread and was a great combination of professional and friendly throughout."