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Carla is 37, a chemical/materials engineer, aspiring writer, all-around geek, and consummate fangirl. She’s from Panama City, Panama — which is so far from anywhere exciting that it might as well be Freaking Narnia. If you’re looking for Carla’s vlog, click here.
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  • Starting Anew, or: Researcher’s Block Is a Real Thing
    on May 12, 2024

    Last week, I finished the first draft of my second novel — the one I mentioned in my post about writing out of time — and it was a relief. But there was no downtime for me: I sent it off for feedback and dove straight into setting up my next project. Scrivener template, character names, profiles, the works. But when it came time to actually write, I hit a snag.Because I am a total nerd, it turns out that I love the research part […]

  • Rediscovering the Joy: Why ‘Psych’ is Worth a Rewatch
    on May 6, 2024

    Rediscovering the Joy: Why “Psych” is Worth a Rewatch(Psych © NBC/Universal.)I don’t usually rewatch old shows, even those I really loved. Who has the time for that when there’s a whole world of new content out there to explore, right? And I especially don’t have the time to rewatch shows that are very lengthy. But I watch a lot of Youtube in the background while I work, and I recently watched an excellent, excellent video […]

  • Beyond Enemies: The Case for “Dislike to Love” in Romance Tropes
    on April 16, 2024

    Picture this: you’re chatting with someone about romance tropes, and they start gushing about “enemies to lovers.” You nod along, but deep down, you’re not vibing with it. Sure, Darcy and Elizabeth, Gilbert and Anne — they’re iconic, but are they really enemies? Not in your book (ha! Pun intended). That’s where the “dislike to love” label comes into play, though I’m sure someone out there has already come up with a […]



"Carla was such a pleasure to work with! In addition to making great catches and thoughtful recommendations, she took the time to explain her suggestions by email and responded promptly to follow-up questions I sent. She went above and beyond what I was expecting from a final proofread and was a great combination of professional and friendly throughout."