What is A Science Review?

Say you have a scene, fragment, or a full manuscript that involves some sciency events, and you need to make sure all of them are correct or at least make sense within the context of your fictional universe before your work is ready for publication. You don’t mind making the corrections yourself, or doing the required research on your own, you just need someone else to point any errors or inconsistencies out to you so you can fix them. This is, essentially, what a science review is: almost like a proofread, but specifically for the STEM-related aspects of your manuscript.

How It Works

You send me your scene, fragment, or full manuscript, and I read through it with a critical eye, marking science-related errors or inaccuracies. I will leave notes in the document telling you why each instance is incorrect or could be presented differently, and offer quick suggestions on how to correct it. This is all done through the Track Changes functionality in Microsoft Word, so that when I send the file back to you, you can take over the work of actually making these changes as you see fit.

The cost of a science review will depend on the length of your manuscript. I strongly recommend that you only get a science review if your manuscript has gone through at least some editing. If your manuscript is difficult to read or understand, I reserve the right to postpone your review until after you’ve done a round of editing on it. I can refer you to a freelance editor if needed. If I do a science review on your work and you still feel you need further help from me in order to correct it, you can upgrade your review to a science consultation according to the pricing described above; in that case, because I’ve already done a review on your manuscript, the fee for my initial read-through would be waived.


A science review will cost you $0.006 USD (0.6 cents) per word, or a base fee of $60 USD if it’s under 10,000 words. For manuscripts over 10,000 words, a $60 USD non-refundable deposit will be charged upon receipt, and the rest upon completion. I will answer any questions and clarify any doubts within reason via email for no extra fee; if you need more hands-on help, I may suggest you upgrade your service to a full-on science consultation.

Please note that I will only do science reviews on narrative fiction works; I will not work on journalistic, academic, or workplace articles and reports, schoolwork of any kind, or other similar non-narrative, nonfiction manuscripts.

Work Termination, Returns, and Refunds

Freaking Narnia does not sell or offer material goods; only editorial and consulting services are provided. As such, we do not conduct any business through physical mail. All exchange of data, including manuscripts and any documents generated as a product of science consulting, proofreading, and beta reading, is done electronically, in most cases via email. As such, Freaking Narnia does not offer returns of material goods of any kind, including items physically mailed to us.

Completion dates and deadlines for all projects will be agreed upon with the client before the start of work, also via email. For any email inquiries, we will try our hardest to get back to you within 24 hours, but please afford a maximum of 72 hours for a response. If you have not heard back from us in over 72 hours, feel free to reach out again.

Any payments received are non-refundable. A project may be terminated at any time, and payment will only be required for work already completed up to the date of termination. All work completed prior to termination of service must be paid at the agreed-upon rate. Any completed work shall be delivered upon payment. Deposits are non-refundable.